Who we are

Since November, 2007

Customers in Europe, Russia and the USA

100 employees


Our values


It is important for us to succeed as the whole team, that consists of Idea Port Riga, customers and partners. To do that we take responsibility, take actions and deliver results over and over again.


We never stop learning and look for the way to do things in a better way. The fuel is helps us keep moving forward is interest and passion in what we do as well as the joy of sharing our knowledge. Seeing big picture is important. Attentions to details is important.


We lead with “what is great here” attitude, choose being positive and look for what more can be done. We discover, reinforce and bring into action our strengths and talents. We timely and since thank one other for the great job we do and celebrate our joint success.


We discuss, agree upon and then act based on the fair principles. We respect one another and create inclusive environment where everyone has a say. We share generous rewards we receive with the others less fortunate.


It is important for us to stay healthy, vital and active as business and as individuals. Keeping the good mood is a smart choice and we know the ways how effectively to cope with the stress which does happen in our work and life.