Get results with your enterprise mobile app

First steps: Company’s expectations are high and management is watching you closely. Trying to keep cool while your team is frantically googling the best practices? We’ve all done our first mobile enterprise app.

Smartphones are here to stay, and so is enterprise mobility. We better be ready. But how?

In many ways, enterprise apps are harder than consumer apps. This means a good one will be your competitive advantage.

These questions usually roam your mind: How do I secure my data sent over internet? Should I code my app from scratch or buy a pre-built solution? Will the data sync fast enough? How to best integrate with all our back-end systems? Will it scale?

And you definitely have your own favourite list.

Plan like a general, act like a startup.

Be honest: how will your app make money? Do you need an enterprise app because everyone else has one? Only apps that enable user behavior the way that brings company profit, are worth building.

Make sure users care. Do you think everyone will use your app just like everyone is forced into using your CRM or ERP? No. Users can choose to stick to their old ways and then all time and money invested in your app will be wasted. Make sure to invest in user adoption: consult about features, ensure that there are things for users in the app, ensure that technology behind the app brings superior user experience. Make sure users love your app before it is even there.

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