Work that excites

Mobile developer: Xamarin or JavaScript + Cordova

World's first iPhone came out ten years ago. Now, mobile apps are essential in our life and work. The hype is over: companies are looking for pragmatic business benefits.

We use Xamarin or JavaScript + Cordova to build apps for enterprise employees. These technologies ensure optimal usability while keeping a single code base. This saves your time and client's budget.

If you want to specialize in mobile development and have built enterprise apps with .NET, C# or JavaScript before, let's talk. Previous experience in mobile apps is not mandatory but highly desired.

Each client wants their employees to love using the app. We prefer applicants who understand the concept of usability and take UX seriously.

Lastly, no enterprise app can run without API integration with backend systems. If you understand app integration patterns and practices, you score extra points.

You will mostly work with Nordic clients. Sometimes you will also work with clients from Latvia, Germany, Netherlands and Russia. You will need at least B1 level of English for this. We also run regular English courses with native instructors to help you.

Projects are complex, and teamwork is essential. To communicate with colleagues, you will need Latvian or Russian at C2 level. German, Dutch and Nordic languages are a plus, but not required.